Home Maintenance Tips/房屋维护保养常识

  • Turn off the hose bib shut offs from inside of the house and let the water drained out. Also always remove the garden hose.关闭户外水龙头在室内的控制阀门,并且排空户外水龙头内的剩余水份。拔下浇花皮管。以防冻裂水龙头造成漏水。
  • Clean gutters. Leaves and other debris will hamper drainage and may promote rusting. 清理屋檐排水沟。树叶等会阻碍排水并加快排水沟等构件的锈蚀。
  • Inspect and clean the fireplace and flue before lighting your first fire. Hire a professional if needed. 在第一次点火前检查并清理壁炉和烟囱。必要时请专业人员来做。
  • Make boiler or furnace serviced by a professional. Clean or replace furnace filter if necessary。请合资质的专业人员对风暖锅炉或者水暖锅炉进行入冬前的保养,调试。清洗或者更换暖炉滤网。
  • Check operation of attic fans and turbine vents. If attic space is accessible, make certain that attic insulation is not blocking air flow through vents. While in the attic, check for worn electrical wiring, water damage, loose ducts, etc.检查阁楼的通风装置。如果阁楼可以进去,检查确保保温棉不要堵住通风口,检查有无电线破损,漏水,松动的管道等问题。
  • Replace batteries of smoke, heat and gas detectors. Do this when you set the clock back to standard time. 更换烟感和一氧化碳探测器的电池。在将时间调回标准时间时一起做。

  • Using binoculars, inspect roof from the ground(walking on a damp or wet roof can be dangerous), and looking for loose, missing or damaged roofing materials. Repair any damage. If you have access to the underside of the roof, check during a heavy rain for leaks. 用望远镜从地面检查屋顶(上潮/湿的屋面很危险),检查有无松动脱落的屋面材料。及时修理破损处。如果能进入屋面下(阁楼),在下大雨时检查有无漏水处。
  • Clean rain gutters. Leaves and other debris will hamper drainage and might promote rusting and roof damage. Make sure that water flowing from downspouts is draining away from the foundation. 清理屋檐排水沟。树叶等会阻碍排水并加快排水沟等构件的锈蚀并损坏屋顶。要确保雨水从落水管排出并远离房屋基础。
  • Inspect crawl space after rain for accumulation of water, as well as for indications of water damage on the sub floor and joists beneath bathrooms, kitchen and laundry. Do not block vents to the crawl space in winter.雨后检查半地下室有无积水,并检查卫生间,厨房,和洗衣房地板和梁有无受到水侵害的地方。注意冬季不要堵住地下室通风口。
  • Clean or replace furnace filter every month. Do furnace or central air-conditioning maintenance recommended by the unit's manufacturer. 每个月都要清洗或更换暖炉滤网。根据需要清理或更换。根据使用手册作暖炉或 中央空调的保养。
  • Inspect all vents, repair as needed and remove any debris blocking air flow.检查所有的通风口,及时修理有问题的地方并清除阻碍气流的任何残碎品。

  • Replace batteries on smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors. Do this when you set the clock ahead to daylight-saving time. 更换烟感和一氧化碳探测器的电池。和改夏时制调时间一起做。
  • Inspect home from bottom to top, looking for damage that occurred over the winter. Prepare a ”to do” list of needed repairs.对房屋进行冬天过后的全面检查。将需要修理更换的地方一一记下并逐条落实。
  • Do spring cleanup. Wash walls and windows; clean carpeting, upholstery and window coverings. 春天室内大清扫。
  • Check doors and windows for proper operation. Lubricate hinges and tighten loose hinge screws. Apply clear wood floor wax to door edges that rub. 检查门窗是否工作正常。上合页润滑剂并拧紧松动的螺丝。用地板打蜡处理过紧的门边。
  • Clean and prepare swimming pool, pond or fountain. 清理游泳池,水塘,或喷泉。
  • Repair cracks in driveways, walkways and sidewalks. 修理车道,步行道和便道的路面裂缝。
  • Check that vent screens to attic or crawl space are not damaged. Repair or replace as needed. 检查阁楼或半地下室通风口保护网,及时修理或更换。

  • Clean lint from clothes dryer vent, from the dryer drum to where the air is vented outdoors. 清理烘干机通风管道(去除衣物纤维灰尘等形成的絮状物)
  • Repair or replace damaged window screens and weather-stripping. Caulk open joints, particularly around windows and doors. 修理或更换纱窗和密封条。检查门窗周围的密封胶。
  • Repair or replace gates, fence posts, landscape borders, etc.修理或更换院门,院墙篱笆等。
  • Clean decks, gazebos, fences and patio furniture. Refinish if needed. 清理室外平台,露台及室外家具。必要时重新刷漆。
  • Carefully climb on the roof (provided the roofing materials can be walked on)and inspect it or have a qualified roofer do it for you. Look for damage to shakes, shingles or tiles. Inspect anything that protrudes through the roof for rust, open seams or other damage. Be careful. 如果能上屋顶或请人,检查屋顶瓦片有无破损。检查任何屋顶突出物,看有无锈蚀,开缝或其他损坏。
  • Check exterior walls for cracks, peeling paint or other damage. 检查外墙。看有无开裂,油漆脱落或其他问题。
  • Trim branches around the roof line to keep squirrels and other pesky animals off the roof. 剪除靠屋顶太近的树枝。
  • Clean underside of range hood and clean or replace filters. 清理抽油烟机里侧或更换滤网。
  • Clean condenser coils or fins beneath or behind refrigerator, according to the manufacturer's instructions. Check to be certain there is adequate air flow around the appliance. 按照厂家使用说明清理冰箱背后(或下面)的冷凝线圈/板。检查冰箱四周是否留了足够的空间。
  • Inspect water heater for leaks and flush tank. Test temperature and pressure relief (TPR) valve according to the manufacturer's instructions. 检查热水器是否泄漏并冲洗水箱(打开排水阀门放水3 分钟以延长寿命,不用动任何其他开关或阀门)。根据使用手册检查TPR 开关。
  • Paint the inside of your house if needed. 室内重新油漆的好季节。
  • Check for leaks at valve where water enters the house, at outdoor faucets and any valves to fixtures, such as to toilet, bathroom or kitchen sink, bar, etc. Turn each off and on several times to make certain they operate properly. Check for leaks.检查各处给水开关,入户,室外,到卫生间,厨房等。各处开关打开关闭几次查有无泄漏。
  • Inspect grout around sinks, tubs and showers. Repair or replace damaged areas.检查水槽,浴盆,淋浴等处的勾缝和密封。及时修理更换破损处。

Each Month 每个月

  • Test and inspect smoke, and Carbon Monoxide detectors. 检查测试烟感和一氧化碳探测器。
  • Check to be certain nothing flammable is near a source off lame, such as a water heater pilot light, gas range, furnace, etc. 检查确保易燃物品远离火源,比如热水器,煤气灶,暖炉等。
  • Practice family fire-escape plan and review earthquake preparedness. 演习火险家庭逃生计划并检查地震准备。
  • Inspect electrical cords for damage. Repair or replace if needed. 检查电线有无破损并及时更换。
  • Check the operation of all electrical circuit breakers by turning each off and on. Do the same with ground fault circuit interrupters, usually found in bathroom, kitchen, garage and outdoor outlets. Replace those not working properly. 检查所有的短路器和漏报插座。更换掉不工作的。
  • Clean garbage disposal by grinding up two trays of ice cubes made from a mixture of 1 cup white vinegar to 1 gallon of water.(Be certain to use the disposer cap when grinding.) For a pleasant odor follow the cleaning by grinding a lemon. 清理食物残渣粉碎机。具体操作:将用一小杯白醋和一加仑水冻的冰块(两盒)放入粉碎机内绞碎。然后绞碎一个柠檬会很好闻。

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